Recognised Startups

# Entity Name Email Address Recognition Date Sector Industry Type
1 Sunfox Technologies Pvt Ltd rajat@sunfox.in 02-08-2018 Healthcare Manufacturing
2 STITHI INNOVATIONS PVT LTD ujjwaalbhardwaj07@gmail.com 02-08-2018 Healthcare Manufacturing
3 Hills2home Pvt Ltd ashutoshkandpal@hills2home.com 22-11-2018 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
4 WEALTHSTATUS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED ashok@wealthstatus.com 02-08-2018 Others Service
5 Agricafe Business Pvt. Ltd. visdeeptiarora@gmail.com 02-08-2018 Others Service
6 Circuit Media LLP nikhil.rawat88@gmail.com 04-07-2019 IT and Artificial Intelligence Service
7 HPDLS ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED hpdlsenergy@gmail.com 22-11-2018 Others Manufacturing
8 Maestro Travel Ventures Private Limited customerconnect@maestrotravel.co.in 02-08-2018 Travel and Tourism Service
9 Moxie Labs Private Limited manish.srivastava@moxie.one 02-08-2018 Healthcare Service
10 Pravartan Technologies Private Limited shivajauhari@gmail.com 02-08-2018 Healthcare Manufacturing
11 Saanwariya Electricals Private Limited saanwariyaelectricals@gmail.com 23-01-2019 Others Service
12 HIMTECH CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED rjamloki2001@gmail.com 22-11-2018 Others Service
13 VILLOTALE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED soumen.kkinet@gmail.com 22-11-2018 Travel and Tourism Service
14 ZERO WASTE INCORPORATION zerowasteuk.amit@hotmail.com 04-07-2019 Others Service
15 Umbeo Tech Private Limited meghagunjanmg@gmail.com 28-08-2020 IT and Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing
16 ADGENTO DIGITAL PRIVATE LIMITED funkysoul007@gmail.com 22-11-2018 Others Service
17 ASRIOT LEO TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED anujsinghrawat72@gmail.com 22-11-2018 Healthcare Manufacturing
18 RAYSTEEDS ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED prakharsrivastav25@gmail.com 07-10-2020 Others Manufacturing
19 Everything Recycles Pvt Ltd himanshu.barola@everythingrecycles.com 23-01-2019 Waste Management Service
20 AVK education Pvt. Ltd. avkeducation.in@gmail.com 23-01-2019 Education Service
21 CRAIM INDUSTRY mukesh.vidyarthi11@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Others Manufacturing
22 Blue Stream Ventures LLP Upreti.Aparna@gmail.com 27-09-2019 Travel and Tourism Service
23 Marksure Print Solutions LLP ajay@marksure.in 23-01-2019 Education Manufacturing
24 Ecoforus Sustainable Pvt. Ltd. muksmalhotra@yahoo.com 23-01-2019 Travel and Tourism Service
25 DTOWN ROBOTICS PRIVATE LIMITED mandeep2128@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Education Manufacturing
26 Camcann Smart Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd. abhinav@camcann.com 04-07-2019 Others Service
27 Adroit Club ridder.ashok@gmail.com 27-09-2019 Others Service
28 EBB AND FLOW SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED pranjultiwari1992@gmail.com 19-12-2019 Food Processing and Agriculture Service
29 Tikshark Solutions Private Limited agarwal.archit.me@gmail.com 04-07-2019 IT and Artificial Intelligence Service
30 Profixerz Services India Pvt. Ltd. istedadmuteeb@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Others Service
31 Eeco Life Natura Private Limited yashubhakt@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Others Manufacturing
32 INVENTO INDUSTRIES jainpranshu786@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Manyfacturing Manufacturing
33 Ashnika nikkism28july@gmail.com 27-09-2019 Bio Technology Manufacturing
34 QUINTESSENTIALS TATTVA COSMETICS PRIVATE LIMITED tattva.handmade@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Healthcare Manufacturing
35 Majeen Agro Private ltd Subhankarchamoli@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
36 eReadOn operating company Doonville Publishers Pvt. Ltd. praniori@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Education Manufacturing
37 Kastkari Agricare Pvt Ltd. eshaan@kastkari.com 04-07-2019 Food Processing and Agriculture Service
38 IGOO TRANS MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED omexeng86@gmail.com 30-09-2019 Others Service
39 panspot innovations LLP ankurkapruwan2@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Others Service
40 Webixun Infoways aakash@webixun.com 04-07-2019 Others Service
41 INNOVA EDUCATIONALL SKILLING PRIVATE LIMITED dinesh@innovaeducationall.org 30-09-2019 Education Service
42 R2E Technologies Private Limited techcounsellors@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Others Service
43 Innvocon Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. taran.singh6297@gmail.com 04-07-2019 Education Service
44 DEHERBOCARE PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED deherbocarepharmaceuticals@yahoo.com 30-09-2019 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
45 Solinn Technologies Private Limited ankit28.rawat@gmail.com 27-09-2019 Education Service
47 The Hush Tree khushboo@thehushtree.com 30-09-2019 Education Manufacturing
48 Fermentech Labs sidjeet@gmail.com 27-09-2019 Bio Technology Manufacturing
49 Himbuds Vatika Private Limited mitresh.sharma@gmail.com 19-12-2019 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
50 ARVEAN DEVICES PRIVATE LIMITED annuag@gmail.com 27-09-2019 Others Manufacturing
51 SURAITECH INNOVATIONS LLP anujaduklan@gmail.com 27-09-2019 Bio Technology Manufacturing
52 KAmet Association of Research & Development chandraawasthi12@gmail.com 27-09-2019 Healthcare Service
53 SHOVIV SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED vivek.chaube02011980@gmail.com 19-12-2019 Others Manufacturing
54 Ileads Auxiliary Services PVT LTD ankursinhaddn@gmail.com 19-12-2019 Others Service
55 HimGanga Foods LLP amity_garg@rediffmail.com 27-09-2019 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
56 ECO GREEN INDUSTRIES ecoreen_ind@yahoo.com 27-09-2019 Bio Technology Manufacturing
57 PECSPACE INDIA PVT LTD shikhargahlaut@gmail.com 30-09-2019 Others Manufacturing
58 Sustainable Green durgeshratuPreri14@gmail.com 30-09-2019 Others Manufacturing
59 FemtoTech Technocrats Private Limited nagrathgreen@gmail.com 30-09-2019 Others Manufacturing
60 Petofy Private Limited udit.handa@petofy.com 19-12-2019 Others Service
61 farmton agro services anuj.arora@farmtonagri.com 19-12-2019 Others Service
62 Xdesign Mantra India Pvt. Ltd. akashxdesign@gmail.com 19-12-2019 Others Service
63 PRESKY GLOBAL TRADING PVT LTD preetichauhan569@gmail.com 19-12-2019 Others Manufacturing
64 greensutra niramaya jaevik india pvt ltd vikram.181086@gmail.com 19-12-2019 Bio Technology Manufacturing
65 MD Innovator Pvt Ltd prawal.robo@gmail.com 06-01-2022 Education Service
66 POI INDIA BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED maltisanyal@poibiotech.com 19-12-2019 Others Manufacturing
67 ChloroHemp Agrotech Pvt Ltd raghavendra@chlorohemp.com 19-12-2019 Bio Technology Manufacturing
68 Zenida Studios Pvt. Ltd. usernameoftr@gmail.com 29-10-2020 Others Manufacturing
69 Three282 Technology Private Limited abhimanyu@deepflux.io 22-09-2020 IT and Artificial Intelligence Service
70 BLUE FLARE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED blueflaretechnologies@yahoo.com 19-12-2019 IT and Artificial Intelligence Service
71 Dignatara Research and Technologies rahul.rawat@digantara.co.in 19-12-2019 Space Tech Service
72 Plades Innovations abhijeetroy1996@gmail.com 22-09-2020 Waste management Manufacturing
73 Searchingsouls adventure and gateways private limited devasheeshpant@hotmail.com 22-09-2020 Travel and Tourism Service
74 Han Agrocare hiresha.verma@yahoo.com 28-08-2020 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
75 Himshakti Global Foods LLP himalay.shakti@gmail.com 28-08-2020 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
76 WASTEWISE SOLUTIONS INC abhinav_tyagi93@yahoo.com 07-10-2020 Bio Technology Manufacturing
77 Traditional International Private Limited traditionalint@gmail.com 07-10-2020 Bio Technology Manufacturing
78 Siddhi and Himanshik International Pvt Ltd siddhiinternational99@gmail.com 19-10-2020 Others Manufacturing
79 Millowsatya Services Pvt. Ltd. karanbhatty@millow.io 19-10-2020 HR Tech, SaaS, Compliance Service
80 Mountstribe Agritech Pvt Ltd mountstribeagritech@gmail.com 29-10-2020 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
81 Kaathkuni Edu-Tourism and Consulants LLP kaathkuni@gmail.com 22-09-2020 Education Service
82 Bakri Chhap Natural Products Private Limited rupeshkrai123@gmail.com 22-09-2020 Food Processing and Agriculture Service
83 TrippnTale Outdoor Adventures Private Limited mitul@hireacamp.com 28-08-2020 Travel and Tourism Service
84 Relib Industry pvt. ltd. nazeerhasan1994@gmail.com 22-09-2020 Healthcare Manufacturing
85 BHRAMANN EDUCATIONAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED riteshsingh91@gmail.com 22-09-2020 Education Service
87 MULYA CREATION alishamaindoliya17@gmail.com 29-10-2020 TEXTILE Manufacturing
88 Lagom Innovations Private Limited animesh.lagom@gmail.com 19-10-2020 IT and Artificial Intelligence Service
89 TrueHAB Pvt Ltd admin@truehab.com 17-02-2021 Travel and Tourism Service
90 M-LENSE RESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED dhruvtomar009@gmail.com 24-12-2020 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
91 K B Systems Private Limited kavitabhatt16@gmail.com 24-12-2020 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
92 MOKSH CREATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED mokshmaansi@gmail.com 24-12-2020 IT and Artificial Intelligence Service
93 Bus Restro Services Private Limited busrestro@gmail.com 06-01-2022 IOT, SaaS Service
94 INDIGENOUS ENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED akash@indienergy.in 17-02-2021 Energy Manufacturing
95 AGRI JOY LLP priyanshujain.jain5@gmail.com 01-07-2021 Food Processing and Agriculture Service
96 HAPIDA SERVICE (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED ravitamta21@gmail.com 17-02-2021 BAMBOO AND RINGAL SLICER Manufacturing
97 Neoli International Private Limited parivardhandangi@gmail.com 01-07-2021 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
98 MY GADDI TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED mygaddi01@gmail.com 21-09-2021 AGGREGATOR Service
99 taraigold chemicals private limited vivudhrawal@taraigold.com 01-07-2021 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
100 Bio Craft Innovation Pvt Ltd info@ibanss.com 17-02-2021 Bio Technology Manufacturing
101 VALLEY CULTURE EXPORTS LLP valleycultureexportsllp@gmail.com 01-07-2021 Food Processing and Agriculture Trading
102 ONETAKE FILMS PRIVATE LIMITED anushreedua@otfilms.com 06-01-2022 Media & Entertainment Service
103 LEARN EARN & FUN PRIVATE LIMITED ca.pushpanjaligupta@gmail.com 21-09-2021 Skill Development Service
104 VIZONTECH INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED iamnikhilsharma26@gmail.com 01-07-2021 IT and Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing
105 CAFAL ADVISORS LLP devyanipokhriyal1992@gmail.com 01-07-2021 Skill Development Service
106 Environheal Research Industries (OPC) Private Limited kandpal22rahul@gmail.com 21-09-2021 Bio Technology Manufacturing
107 Mi-Plato akankshadhyani87@gmail.com 06-01-2022 Healthcare Service
108 Frenzy Farm LLP subodhshah112@gmail.com 06-01-2022 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
109 ShagYara satpal.shagyara@gmail.com 21-09-2021 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
110 SMHOW Private Limited ceo@ambhos.com 06-01-2022 Healthcare Service
111 From and To Nature fandtnature@gmail.com 06-01-2022 Beverage Manufacturing
112 KIWI KISAN WINDOW PRIVATE LIMITED abhinav.a.777@gmail.com 06-01-2022 Food Processing and Agriculture Manufacturing
113 Smartclickgroceryllp bimlshkumar.singh@layaji.in 06-01-2022 DELIVERY Service
114 DivIn Pro juhi.mgarg@gmail.com 06-01-2022 IT AND ITES Service
115 NAVICROW HOLIDAYS PRIVATE LIMITED shubhambadiyari@gmail.com 06-01-2022 Travel and Tourism Service
116 Shri Vaidik Era Organics dr.sanjeevguptaksp@gmail.com 06-01-2022 Aayush Manufacturing
117 CITY BIRD RIDES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED citybirdrides@gmail.com 06-01-2022 TRANSPORTATION Service